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i think about you almost every day and you have no idea i even exist
i find this hilarious and a little bit madenning

Who's this cutie...?

It's Eric Nam!

Fuck this adorable little shit. I only found out about him today and maaaan. He's so damn cute. I just love love love guys who smile a lot and his eye smile is just beautiful.

Excuse me while I go fangirl, Imma leave you with this awesome cover by the Nam himself.

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Story time
Once upon a time, I had a slight addiction to a little site called livejournal where I would usually write all my personal shit.
Afterwards, I just changed to tumblr and then twitter, and I finally decided to come full circle and come back to livejournal to post my stuff. I don't even use twitter that much and I've been thinking about leaving tumblr. I stopped posting personal stuff for now, but posting them privately or leaving them in my drafts, or simply holding in the stuff I wanted to let out was almost unbearable. And then I remembered how comfortable I was in lj, even knowing that no one, except for like one person, ever read what I posted. So I thought fuck it, I'll just go back to lj. And here I am.

More Personality Test Results
Because it's fun. And most of it is true anyway.

Global Personality Test Results


Stability results were low which suggests you are very worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.

Orderliness results were medium which suggests you are moderately organized, hard working, and reliable while still remaining flexible, efficient, and fun.

Extraversion results were low which suggests you are very reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and secretive.

trait snapshot:
introverted, irritable, feels invisible, observer, depressed, does not enjoy leadership, reveals little about self, dislikes large parties, feels undesirable, does not like to stand out, submissive, suspicious, emotionally sensitive, not a thrill seeker, solitude loving, likes silence, fragile, second guesses self, negative, unadventurous, fearful, weird, focuses on people's hidden motives, paranoid, phobic, dependent, cautious, avoidant, semi intellectual


Color Quiz Results
Thought it'll be fun to share...

Your Existing Situation

Works well with others. Needs personal relationships which are understanding and relatively conflict-free.

Your Stress Sources

"Wishes for freedom and independence, free from limitations and restrictions except for the ones she choices to give himself."

Your Restrained Characteristics

"Feels she is getting less than she deserves for all her hard work; however, she makes no effort to change things and tries to make the best of the situation."

Feels unhappy and isolated because she is unable to succeed in finding the cooperation and understanding she desires.

His confidence is low but she is unable to admit that is the reason for her avoidance of conflict. Feels it is a situation out of her control and she is making the best of it.

His arrogance causes her to take offense quickly. Only those closest to her know deep down she is sensitive and sentimental.

Your Desired Objective

"Feels stressed due to her current situation or relationships, and needs to make changes. Looking for a solution that will increase her chances of fulfilling her current hopes and dreams."

Your Actual Problem

"Feeling held back and restricted from moving forward, looking for a solution that will give her more freedom and less obstacles."


The Best Version of Me
Bulleted list of me at my best:
  • When I'm happy.
  • When I feel lighthearted.
  • When I'm in a good mood.
  • When I'm being silly.
  • When I'm friendly.
  • When I talk to people.
  • When I open up.
  • When I laugh with other people.
  • When I laugh with myself.
  • When I feel good about my self.
  • When I get things done.
  • When I'm feeling creative.
  • When I feel accomplished.
  • When I get work done at school.
  • When I enjoy what I'm doing.
  • When I appreciate the things around me.
  • When I'm doing something I like.
  • When I'm good at something.
  • When I get noticed, aknowledged or complimented.
  • When I'm being productive.
  • When I'm not wasting my time.
  • When I can openly be myself.

The Worst Version of Me
Bulleted list of me at my worst:
  • When I'm angry
  • When I feel pessimistic
  • When I feel sorry for myself.
  • When I drown in self-pity.
  • When I feel lonely.
  • When I complain.
  • When I don't get things done.
  • When I think nothing's worth it.
  • When I dislike everyone.
  • When I don't want to get along with anyone.
  • When I'm closed minded.
  • When I'm lazy.
  • When I don't want to do anything for anyone.
  • When I want attention.
  • When I'm judging others.
  • When I think badly of other people.
  • When I make fun of people.
  • When I'm rude to others.
  • When I talk harshly.
  • When I'm being selfish.
  • When I'm moody.
  • When I get jealous of other people.
  • When I'm being full of myself.
  • When I'm being arrogant.
  • When I'm being stuck-up.
  • When I hate life.

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One of the most frustrating things in life is when you're honestly concerned about someone and that someone doesn't give a flying fuck about it, even though it's about themselves.

Whenever that happens it feels like a slap across the face. 

And they have no idea.

This may seem a little silly, but whenever I have to hold hands with a guy for whatever reason, I suddenly become very aware of the movements of my hand. Like, it becomes stiff, I try noy to hold it very tightly on purpose, I avoid making contact with the other person's palm as much as possible, and make it as casual as possible too. And the most important: Absolutely. Do. Not. Squeeze. I'm very aware of it since I feel like I might do it unconsciously and that might be awkward.

Yeah, I'm not very used to holding hands. It's quite obvious I become very nervous.

Manga Reccomendation List + Black List

My friend has been asking me to do something like this for a while. It's not in any specific order.

Akagami no shirayukihime
Faster than a Kiss
Love so Life
Gakuen Babysitters
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Sukitte Iina Yo
Kimi ni Todoke
Ai Kara Hajimaru
Sweet 16 (oneshots)
Sora Log
Kamisama Hajimemashita
Akuma to Love Song
Hana to Akuma
Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi
Hug! (oneshot)
Switch Girl
Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!
Moe kare!
Uwasa no Midori-kunI
Bokura Wa Itsumo
Full House Kiss
Strobe Edge
Ao Haru ride
Watashi no Koibito
Bye-Bye, Little
Mascara Blues (oneshots) the second one is the best one!
Oresama Teacher
Boku no Hatsukoi ni Kimi ni Sasagu
Kare wa Ike mo Shinai Sarukoen wo Mezasu (oneshot)
Aishiteruze Baby
Shouri no Akuma
Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu
Giri Koi
Rockin' Heaven
Peter Pan Syndrome
Kimi Ga Suki
Charming Junkie
Usotsuki Lily
Boku no Platinum Lady
Harem Lodge
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Kyou no Kira-kun
Kimi ni Moete Ii desu ka
Million Girl
Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen
Heroine Shikkaku
Taiyou no Ie
Isshoni Ofuro (oneshots)
Sora Log
Aihime Ai to Himegoto
Sekai wa Happy  de Dekiteiru
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
Nagareboshi Lens
Ouji to Hero
Seiyuu- Ka!
Ookami-heika no Hanayome
Junjou Drop
Guru Guru Meguru
Hibi Chouchou
Fetish Berry
Danshi ing Girl!
Sumire Syrup
Monitoring Yami Site
360 Degrees Material
Katakoi Triangle
Sai x Ai
Can't See Can't Hear But Love
Issho ni Neyou Yo
Houou Gakuen Misoragumi
Nobara no Hanayome
Himegimi To Sanbiki no Kemono
Sarashi Asobi
Gyakuten Honey

Black/Dropped List

Black Bird 
Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu
Boku wa Ookami 
Koi Nanka Hajimaranai
Kimi ja Nakya Dame Nanda
Watashi ni XX Shinasai!

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